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“I first went to Serisa for reflexology when I had been quite ill and needed something to help me relax and cheer me up but couldn’t face even a gentle massage. I was astonished how good it made me feel and I have now been going regularly for about 6 months. Serisa has a gift – one that keeps on giving. She can “feel” where the issues are and works on them to ease and erase symptoms as well as provide deep relaxation and stress relief. I am so grateful to have found Serisa”




Customer feedback

I am happy with the products I am using. I came and had the Katherine Daniels facial, which was lovely!
I shall continue to use the products.

Sue, Sunday 19th July 2015

Hi Vicky & Serisa

Had a lovely pedicure/gel Nails, also mini manicure today!

Matt feels great after his massage.

Looking forward to my to velvet skin treatment next week!

Also love using your facial skin care!

Mary, 18 Jul 2015, at 12:35

I decided on a course of none invasive liposuction as I was feeling tired, sluggish and at the top end of my weight range!  I have just finished my sixth session (the last two sessions were free) and I have lost three inches round my middle, dropped a dress size and lost half a stone.

I want to thank Vicky for her advice and encouragement.  The good thing about the treatment is that you can target a specific problem area and with sensible eating and moderate exercise a good result is achievable.  Another bonus for me being able to lose the inches is that my son is getting married in two weeks and I now feel better in my wedding outfit.

Many thanks Vicky

Best wishes

Denise (July 2014)

“At the end of this year my daughter got married and had the lovely job of having 5 bridesmaids to organise with hair and make up. We called on Serisa to see if she could help, and on the day, Vicky and Serisa turned up at the venue, on a cold and blustery morning and an hours drive from home. I want to say a huge thank you to them for being part of the big day, and they were both marvellous. The task wasn’t an easy one, with a bride, 5 excited bridesmaids and a mother, but Serisa got us all organised and had a very relaxed attitude, which helped enormously.

The girls had previously been in To The Salon for their spray tans and eyelashes, so were half done on the day.

Vicky did an amazing job on the make up, it looked fabulous and stayed on all day – Thank you Vicky!

They did a fantastic job and I would recommend them to anyone for wedding make up – it was a pleasure to have them with us!”

Denise Noakes 07/01/2014

I decided on a course of reflexology because I was feeling tired and fed up with my health as it was.

Two years previously I had had a long stay in hospital following a bad road accident. It was a long road to recovery and at the time of my first appointment I felt I had reached a static stage. Because of emergency bowl surgery I had to put up with very loose bowels every day, on top of all my other aches and pains.

I knew very little about reflexology, so went in to it trying to keep and open mind. After two treatments I felt more energetic and my aches and pains were relieved a little.

However to my surprise after the third treatment I noticed my bowl was behaving more normal for the first time since my operation. I completed my course and was OK for about three weeks, but then things seemed to go back as they were. I thought about it and decided that as my problems had gone on for two years, I probably needed another six treatments. I booked in for another course and can honestly say my bowel problems is over at last.

So many thanks Serisa for your kind and professional help.

Kath B (December 2009)

I went for a reflexology session with Serisa to see if it could help with persistent headaches that I had been having. During the course of the treatment Serisa enquired if I had had any Thyroid problem in the past. This prompted me to remember that a blood test a few months ago had come back borderline and I was supposed to ne retested three months later, which I hadn’t.

I duly went for the test and found that I do need a mild dose of tablets to correct the problem. I now feel much better and have not had any more of the bad headaches. If it hadn’t been for my consultation with Serisa I would still be unaware of the real problem.

I would definitely recommend a reflexology session with Serisa as it is good at helping highlight problems as well as leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed.

Jan Murray, Wilmslow, November 2009

I have now had four reflexology sessions with Serisa, at her practise based in Prestbury and I have left each one of them feeling calm, de stressed and relaxed. Serisa explained the reflexology process in detail, which helped me understand the philosophy behind the therapy.

As a life coach, I appreciate the importance of taking care of your well being and energy levels and Serisa’s professional approach and knowledge gives me a high level of confidence in her work.

I whole heartedly recommend Serisa’s services, from my own recent experience and by recommendation of a friend of my mothers, who has been a client of Serisa’s for over two years, which is testament to her local reputation.

Sue Lindsay – Master Life Coach October 2009

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  1. I have tried a few places in the past for HD brows but I was never really happy the way they turned out but after using SerisaBelle I would never go anywhere else, they did an amazing job and you’re made to feel really welcome, thank you x

  2. I was directed to this salon because I received a gift voucher in 2014. I have since been every month practically to date, Nov 2016. I love this Salon, not only are the treatments so professionally done, but the girls who work there, Victoria, Chloe and Ellie really enjoy what they do and make your experience in the salon the best it can be every time. Plus the hot chocolate is sooooooo tasty. I love the consistency of the service after 2+ years this salon has never disappointed me!! I would recommend this salon to everyone.

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